About Jennifer Studio

Jennifer Studio is a brand new concept in the field of professional photography. We bring to you all the ingredients for a perfect picture. A blend of the right acumen, adroitness and equipment backed with our strategic associations provide you an access to a highly specialized professional photography, right at your door-step.

We bring a fresh and vibrant perspective to the arena of photography. Delivering a wide range of innovative services coupled with exemplary customer centric approach and excellence in quality is our sole purpose at Jennifer Studio.

At the core of our services is an integral team of professional photographers, with varied specializations and skills, who have the commitment and passion towards creating artistic photographs.

Customer first is the mantra that differentiates Jennifer Studio from the rest. We value and respect our customer's choices and strive towards customer elation! We involve our clients at every stage of an assignment. Activities like designing the shoot, editing, printing and processing are all carried out in conjunction with the client's requirements.

A Specialized Photographer for Every Role... In a first of its kind offering, we present a specialized photographer for a specialized photography assignment. It is customization right down to the last click. Be it Wedding & Events or Personal Portraits & Portfolios, Commercial Shoots, Location Shoots or even Fine Art, we employ a dedicated photographer with the required level of experience and skill, for every different kind of assignment. This is what ensures a professional touch!

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